Monday, March 21, 2011

Super Moon

Puppy Eyes asked Kitten Face to accompany him on a star gazing date on Saturday night.  Kitten Face accepted immediately! It was the perfect opportunity for her to wear her brand new dress and she loved star hunting with Puppy Eyes!  He was the best at finding new constellations, like the 'cupcake cluster' and of course the 'dancing panda' that seemed to be doing a new dance every time they went out. 'He is quite a clever puppy' thought Kitten Face.

Puppy Eyes was of course incredibly nervous as he always when he took Kitten Face out on a date, beingt completely head over tails for her!  He fretted over which bow tie to wear and worried that he wouldn't be able to remember any of the previous constellations he had found on their last 'star gazing' outing and would inevitably be forced to find new ones.

He was certain Kitten Face was going to catch on to his lack of constellation knowledge every time he pointed out the 'Dancing Panda'.  That darn 'star bear' seemed to learn a new dance move every night.

When they met up Puppy Eyes was sweating profusely, but Kitten Face didn't notice a thing.  She remarked on his dapper bow tie and he complimented her new dress.  When they finally looked up into the sky they were both taken aback by a giant super moon intensely starring back at them and suddenly all the constellations were forgotten.  Kitten Face took Puppy Eyes hand in hers and they sat for a long time looking up at the bright night light in the sky and let the stardust get in their eyes.

It was a warm and fuzzy moment.

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