Monday, May 30, 2011

Kitten Steps

Kitten Face is not known for being much of a risk taker, well except for maybe in her fashion choices.  She refuses to ride the tallest water slide at the 'Splash Splash' park with Puppy-Eyes, because she fears both heights and getting wet, she shudders at the thought of downhill skiing because let's face it, for a kitten she has surprisingly terrible balance and finally she is not all that into hiking down in 'Butterfly Valley' because of all the butterflies and what she considers their incredibly unpredictable and frightening flight patterns!

So in an effort to change this image and after significant encouragement from Puppy-Eyes (he would really like to take her to Butterfly Valley on a picnic), she has decided to add one 'living on the edge' moment to her daily routine.  Today she mastered riding her tricycle with one paw...tomorrow she may try two...and who knows maybe after enough of these 'kitten steps' she will one day be ready to take on butterflies.


  1. kittenface! i too am afraid of butterflies for the very same reason! also, i think i would be more successful on a tricycle than a bicycle. i think we might just be kindred spirits.


  2. I love that she rides a tricycle!
    (the acorn/leave/lilac pattern is amazing!)